About Me

Born in the Canadian Prairies, now with heart, head, and soul on the West Coast. I have had the privilege to live in 5 different Canadian provinces and San Francisco, California.

My loves include: great books, decent books, poorly written books, reading in general, cleaning, live music, travel and exploration, basking in the sun, observing nature, the paranormal, ghost stories, hunting Bigfoot, healthy baking and cooking, organizing and cleaning, taking photos, eating coconuts, dancing awkwardly, creative writing, colouring, and playing outdoors.

I currently offer group and private pilates and yoga, Yoga Therapy, fitness and health coaching services in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

About My Company:
Bright Soul Yoga

As a Yoga Therapist, yoga and pilates teacher, Iā€™m an advocate for healthy bodies, calm minds, building community, and simply smiling more.

My mission is to bring yoga to the masses with safe and effective classes and private sessions. Yoga has transformed me, allows me to shine as my true self, and I truly believe yoga has something to offer everyone.

I cater to corporate offices and workplaces, with a goal to get you away from your desk for some well-deserved you time. I specialize in group classes, private yoga, and one-on-one Yoga Therapy and holistic coaching.

How Yoga Has Helped Me

Of the vast amount of benefits yoga has to offer, the greatest effect it has had on me personally is that of a quieter, clearer, more open mind. My true self is no longer stifled by my previous self-conscious and shy demeanor, and no longer do I experience nervousness in new or challenging situations. Yoga has changed me for the better, and I strive to provide the same transformative tools towards the contentment and positive growth of both new and experienced yogis.

I have yoga to thank for my physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. For allowing me to find my voice and use it. To be able to honour my body and my self, and see the very best in others.

My personal practice has blossomed since discovering yoga at my local community centre when I needed it most. I have gone from attending a group class every other week to a daily practice that sustains my happiness, vitality, and balance. All of the above personal experiences, along with so many amazing yoga success stories, are the reasons for my wanting to share this practice with the masses.

I guide people on their own path to wellness with private and group yoga classes and coaching.