Welcome to Thailand: Bustling Bangkok

We touched down in overcast Bangkok (a blessing, as it was still 32 degrees Celsius) on Sunday, roughly 16 hours after leaving Vancouver. 

Powering through the jet-lag we dropped off our bags at the hotel, managed to avoid temptation from both the clean bed and air conditioning, and wandered the streets in search of some grub.

As an individual semi-prone to mild OCD tendencies, the smell wafting up from the sewers, combined with the heat and very noticeable disregard for tidiness and safety were the first thing I noticed. In that first hour I was not sure I would be able to enjoy Bangkok.

How so very wrong I was. 

Bangkok grew on me in a quick and beautiful way. The pace was both laid back and upbeat, simultaneously. The scent of sewer was soon replaced by that of the never-ending street food being served from the carts of hard working locals. The dirt was still very present, but I stopped worrying about what I was stepping in, and more about avoiding the downed power lines, rusty wires and random electrical cables sticking out of buildings and straight into the narrow sidewalk path.

 One of the many bustling Bangkok alleyways. 

One of the many bustling Bangkok alleyways. 

Very little jet-lag so far, a few days in, it's more food comas than anything. I cannot stop eating, especially my new favourite Thai dish- Khao Soi.  A brilliant blend of curry spices in a coconut milk broth, mixed with shallots, lime, a few greens, and made complete with steamed egg noodles and topped with the same, only very crispy. Lovely texture contrasts and just enough kick. I'll have to track it down when back on home-turf, though I fear it'll be hard to come across outside of Thailand.

We're wrapping up here in Bangkok and heading north to the province of Chiang Mai. Onwards we wander...